Hahn-Scott Productions brings 60 years of production experience and award-winning animation writing to its feature productions, developing 3-D CG animated features for the global market. We have the experience to create and manage animated feature production with an emphasis on global stories and Hollywood quality, for half the cost of comparable productions. We believe that the story is the single-most important creative element in the ultimate success of any animated feature.


STEVEN HAHN (Producer)

Steven founded and ran major animation studios in Seoul and Los Angeles where he has produced and directed animated feature and television productions. He has vast global executive and management expertise in the fields of animated features, television, stereoscopic 3-D animation and VFX, and decades of experience in the coordination between US and international TV networks and major studios. The above characters represent only a few of the animated features and television series Steven has worked on. Steven's full credits


JEFFREY SCOTT (Writer-Producer)

Jeffrey received 3 Emmy Awards and the Humanitas Prize for his animation writing. He has worked with Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Hanna-Barbera, Jim Henson, Sherry Lansing, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Stan Lee and many others. Jeffrey is author of the acclaimed book, How to Write for Animation. The above global characters represent just a few of the animated projects Jeffrey has written. Jeffrey's full credits



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