Starchaser: The Legend of Orin was the world’s first stereoscopic 3-D animated feature. Now, digitally re-mastered in 3-D for projection in state-of-the-art digital theaters, Starchaser is available for global distribution. This groundbreaking animated 3-D sci-fi adventure has attained cult status among its many fans around the world. Starchaser is the story of young Orin, a slave from a hellish crystal mine, who digs his way up to the planet’s surface in search of a mysterious sword blade that legend says will lead his people to freedom. But rather than freedom, Orin discovers an unfamiliar universe of ruthless people and dangerous places. His journey leads him to discover that the ruler of the mine world is actually an evil android who is one step away from conquering the human race. There is only one thing in his way—Orin’s sword.

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3-D CG Animated Christmas Feature

Hahn-Scott Productions is currently developing a heartwarming 3-D CG animated feature that blends the classic elements of Santa Claus with adorable new characters to launch a perennial global Christmas brand for the 21st century. The story has been specifically created for a crossover audience, with youthful characters and visual action-comedy for children, and an emotionally compelling plot for adults. By utilizing A-list animation talent to do direction, pre-production and post-production in Los Angeles, and a state-of-the-art Korean studio to produce the 3-D CG animation, Hahn-Scott Productions will turn its $30-35 million budget into production value equivalent to Universal’s Despicable Me. Half of the budget is in place and Hahn-Scott is seeking an equity partner for the remaining half.


3-D CG Animated Teen-Comedy Feature

Hahn-Scott Productions second animated feature is a romantic-teen-comedy-action story with a fresh twist on the classic superhero comic book genre. The screenplay is completed and half of the $30 million budget is in place.

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